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Wherever we are, textiles play an important part in our daily lives. Whether in fashion and clothing, sport and leisure, in the car, at home or on the road with transport and packaging textiles and with felt used in paper production. They are also used for textile solutions in medicine, in road, bridge and dam building, in nets for the fishing industry and elsewhere. But we also encounter textiles in many different forms in applications that we do not necessarily come across every day, for example in wind energy rotors or vehicle bodies made of carbon, in boat and ship-building, even, believe it or not, up there in the air and in outer space. There is, then, an unbelievable diversity of fabrics made from traditional and also innovative fibres and yarns, which are used in many different areas. Behind them are complex knitting and weaving technologies, and sewing, felting and structuring processes. And almost always needles and precision components made by Groz-Beckert. For more than 150 years, Groz-Beckert has supported the machine builders to the textile industry. During this period, Groz-Beckert has developed from being purely a manufacturer of knitting and hosiery machine needles into the most important system supplier of precision components in the field of textiles and beyond. Step by step, the company has branched out into the business sectors of sewingmachineneedles, felting and structuring needles and tufting needles - complemented most recently by the important sector of weaving machine parts and knitting cylinders. With the production of ceramic punching components (CPC), Groz-Beckert has meanwhile also become a supplier to the computer and telecommunications industry. Our customers' success is the motive power behind our striving for perfection. Our motto is: top product quality, fast availability and first-class service. We have numerous innovative ideas and patents, decades of dialogue with machine builders, research institutes and universities, a world-wide presence with a closely-knit sales network in more than 150 countries. We have production sites in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, North America, India and China, some 7,000 employees and unique production know-how: Ready to meet any challenge related to tools for the textile industry - that's Groz-Beckert. Today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Rimoldi&CF is currently one of the machine producers that are widely represented worldwide. They have established themselves over the years in a niche market. This is the result of a perfect strategy that gives perfect solution eg semi-automatic sewing machines as well as economical, basic machines with all necessary equipment, for customers expecting to obtain the maximum return on their investment. The semi-automatic machines are used in order to save labour and also to ensure a uniform quality for the garments. Training and transferring know-how is the winning combination that Rimoldi&CF guarantees own clients. Specialized machines and accessories are top quality plus advantage of having expert sample-makers and technicians onboard who carry out the installation and training in the factories can maximally contribute to company's benefit.


WE OFFER KERN-LIEBERS Knitting Elements: ... the largest sinker programme wordwide ... Knitting elements are either conventionally stamped or fine-blanked parts for the loop formation or needle selection in small and large circular knitting, flat knitting or warp knitting machinery.


The Christoph Liebers GmbH & Co. KG maintains a certified quality management system in both of their branches: sinker production and manufacturing of special tools. Christoph Liebers fulfils customers' requirements according to the international ISO 9001:2000 standards. This company constantly develops own potential with daily motto that "standstill = step back",meaning quality and rapid delivery times are the crucial factors for successful knitting company backed by reliable suppliers.